What are Group Pilates Mat classes?

Julie’s Mixed Level Pilates classes are ideal for beginners and post-beginners, however some Pilates experience for beginners is essential. It would also suit more advanced Pilates-goers for fine tuning their Pilates basics. The structure of the class allows each participant to join in at their own level. Often exercises are ‘layered up’ starting with the most basic form of the exercise and then adding elements one at a time to increase the difficulty and challenge. This allows each participant to gauge their own ability easily and find a level of challenge that suits them. Where layering cannot be used, adaptations of exercises to suit the individuals in the group are used so that there is never something that you can’t do. Everything is taught through clear demonstration and verbal cuing over Zoom. The pace of the class is designed to promote and develop a deeper sense of self awareness and mind-body connection through paying attention to sensations and the connection of breath to movement.

All Mixed Level Pilates classes are 45 minutes long and delivered online via Zoom.

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Stretch classes

Stretch classes are great for warming up before class, cooling down after class, preparing for your day ahead or for a relaxed evening, as well as increasing your flexibility and reducing stiffness. They are especially great if you know or feel like you need to stretch, but are not sure exactly what to do or how to stretch safely. Classes will include a range of static and dynamic stretches will help you ease a little tension and stiffness out of your body, whilst focusing on your use of breath will help you to clear your mind, connect with your body and re-centre yourself. Julie’s approach to stretching takes influence from Pilates, yoga, dance and somatic movement. You will be guided through everything. Don’t worry if you feel particularly stiff, have issues balancing or any other issues – suitable support and adjustments will be provided  where needed to make it possible for everyone to join in. Each body is different!

All stretch classes are 30 minutes long and delivered online via Zoom.

*NB. Group Pilates and Stretch classes take place online via Zoom. If you are unable to make any week in the block you will be sent a link to a recording of that class so you can take it at a more suitable time. Alternatively, you can request recordings only.*

2024 Timetable


10.30 – 11am Morning Stretch
11.15am -12pm Mixed Level Pilates

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“In our mixed class I like having the different levels so everyone can work at the level they are comfortable with. She is very good at correcting us and we all feel we are gradually making progress. At the end of the hour I feel like I am standing taller with better posture.” Christine M.